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          The honor Hotel Group logo consists of symmetrical trophy graphics."Honor".On behalf of the pursuit of high honor is the”honor " firm belief and ambitious goals, inspired by the honor chain management group to be the leader of the hotel service industry.


          Axis firmly establish the Arabic numerals "1", a symbol of "Honor" forever first, striving to be Champion of the entrepreneurial spirit."1" also symbolizes the honor Hotel Group is a "one team one way" - - - together, in unison team.


         In the logo "H"is the first letter of the English name of Honor Hotel Group"Honor" the entire logo bronzing symbolizes honor, contains honor and enthusiasm, rich and rich.The symmetry of the trophy is a“fork", a symbol of Honor Hotel Group is mainly Chinese, set of dining, entertainment, guest rooms as one of the hotel Group.Meal "fork" and trophies are closely combined, each other, symbolizing the honor of unity and fraternity, solidarity, work together to create honor brand determination.All elements of the logo combine, meaning "honor" infinite Vitality, vigorous, create a brand, and create the future.


        Along the development track of Honor Hotel Group, adding new elements on the basis of the original logo, sublimation as a new logo, a symbol of Honor Hotel Group towards a higher level of development, both to enhance the sense of the times and with the international brand Hotel Group.


         In Fujian, speaking of "honor" the name, people will use the”honor speed“”honor phenomenon“”honor mode " and other words to praise her.For more than 10 years, the honor Hotel Group under the leadership of the”head "HuLiangrong, with a" dare for the world first "professionalism and innovative spirit, carefully build" honor catering aircraft carrier”,And gradually established the industry-leading "10 advantages", from the top chef team advantage, classic food advantage, leisure environment advantage, star management advantage, to considerate service advantage, health and safety advantage, intelligent large assembly line kitchen advantage, and then to rest assured food、Enterprise culture and brand strategy and other advantages, red over the Fujian Catering Industry, Fujian catering, hotel industry, leading, and then the province began a“honor cyclone”. In 2010, the honor Hotel Group will”honor catering aircraft carrier " into the capital of Beijing, the successful implementation of the honorary brand strategy from regional to national to new leap.In 2017, the group already has more than 20 chain stores, and with a more steady pace of expansion, continue to develop new chain stores, to create a business legend.

Our spirit: constantly innovative ideas, the times, the pursuit of excellence.

Our Vision: Dining highlights with the hotel culture blend. To create a the Hotel Features unique taste, to build a national hotel brand with Chinese characteristics.

Our mission: to provide perfect for the distinguished guests, sincere, attentive service, and always make guests feel surprise.

Our aim: guests first, people-oriented.

Our values??: high moral character, teamwork, mutual care and dedication.

Our business philosophy: symbiosis, coexistence, and win-win bigger market.

Our management thinking:

1, to ensure that the policies and procedures of rationalization, concise, and convenience of guests and employees.

2, for the staff to create a fair, just, open work environment, not only conducive to the development of our cause, and help to achieve our personal goals in life.

3, demonstrate honesty, care and integrity in the quality of advocacy in getting along with people.

Our goal: thrift, the pursuit of profit.

Our behavior: simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships, loyalty grateful code of conduct, learning attitude towards life, a concerted teamwork.

Our slogan: feel valued, preferred honor.